What we offer

Convergence of business and technologies

We understand how important it is to have instant access to enterprise business metrics. This directly affects the decision-making. We are willing to put our systems at your company's service, to merge production chains with business analytics, provide with the ability to see economic indicators online: share of energy resources in the unit cost of production, the costs of operating of equipment, etc. - all the things that make the technological side of your business transparent to you.


We offer automation of technological processes. Our equipment is used on projects in various fields: agricultural industry, heavy industry, telecommunications, public utility sector. This, as well as the professionalism of our engineers, allows us to optimize the company's solutions in the price / quality criterion. Daily practice and close contact with customers guarantee reliability.

Remote monitoring and dispatch

We have experience in implementing dispatching systems and services for remote monitoring of various sizes. Among them - small hotels, remote sites of telecom operators, base stations, dispatch centres of engineering units - boilers, pump stations, etc., industrial refrigeration systems, energy metering, as well as many other facilities. The software has a variety of options for adaptation, and the role model of data access allows you to take into account the security requirements for organizations with extensive branch networks.


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